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The Chronicle, Events and Updates from CLASS-LLC - November 2022

career chronicle classllc cybersecurity newsletter Nov 16, 2022
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      Cybersecurity Awareness month has ended, but the importance of cybersecurity-minded organizations and training should not be forgotten. It may not be easy to implement all the innovative ideas and programs showcased by organizations worldwide last month, but it is necessary for an organization's success. CLASS-LLC would like to encourage all of our readers to maintain a cybersecurity mindset year-round and continue to build a culture of security in their organization. 


      This November, we would like to express our appreciation for all our events' attendees, speakers, and sponsors. We are thankful for all the connections we’ve made. Without these connections, we would not be able to have many of the eye-opening conversations that our events have become known for.


      In this edition of The Chronicle, we are introducing a new collaboration with Cyversity and the Georgia Department of Labor, providing you with a new way to connect with other professionals on Circle, and offering an exclusive deal on tickets for our Cyber Strategy Retreat. As always, if you find something interesting, or know someone that can benefit from this newsletter, consider sharing it with them. We are sure they would be very thankful!

Registered Apprenticeship Program

CLASS-LLC is proud to announce our latest project! We will be collaborating with Cyversity and the Georgia Department of Labor to host a Registered Apprenticeship Program. This program will support young professionals that want to break into the cybersecurity industry. It offers selected applicants a yearlong paid internship experience where they will get to work alongside industry veterans. Along with getting hands-on experience, they will also have the opportunity to acquire relevant industry certifications with our integrated training approach.

If you or someone you know wants to begin a career in the cyber industry, support their success and share this program with them! 


Cyber Strategy Retreat

Conferences that focus only on content and promoting sponsors forget the most important part of the event – the attendees. The Cyber Strategy Retreat prides itself on creating a white-glove experience that caters to the needs of all guests.

💬 We dedicate time for post-session roundtables that allow attendees to have insightful discussions, converse and connect with one another.

🌄 We schedule guided wellness breaks that allow you to recuperate and reset throughout the day.

🎓 We invite speakers who are experts in their fields and have committed to making long-lasting connections with our attendees.

All this, hosted in a luxurious event location with carefully curated menus, makes the Cyber Strategy Retreat a unique event for board directors and business leaders. It is unlike any conference you have been to before!

We appreciate everyone that took advantage of our deal last month and purchased Get One Give One tickets. If you haven’t reserved your spot, we are offering one last discount this year - our early bird special! For a limited time, get 30% off regular ticket pricing! We look forward to connecting with you in July 2023.

So "Catch that worm" Early Bird!

*Interested sponsors can now find the 2023 prospectus on our website or can request a copy by emailing [email protected].

Executive Roundtable

When emotions and security mix, do you think it creates disaster or opportunity? Regardless of the result, security cannot exist without being impacted by the diverse spectrum of human emotion. Leaders that understand human nature and its impact on business processes are better equipped to handle issues as they arise.

We are calling all leaders to join us on November 30th to dive deep into emotional intelligence and discuss how it affects our personal security and the security of our businesses. We have invited previous speakers Csaba Toth and Michael Shinholster to lead this conversation similar to the one they led last year, along with a new speaker Wendy Kinney. If you loved the conversation before, you won’t want to miss this webinar, so click below and secure your spot today!

Register Now!

The Blue Team Bulletin

Hey, this is your official invitation to
The Blue Team Bulletin…

📌 The Blue Team Bulletin is a discussion space for all members of the CLASS-LLC community. This space continues the great conversations you have come to love from CLASS-LLC.

📌 Each month we will host a discussion by posting a question. All CLASS-LLC community members are encouraged to comment and participate. So, what are you waiting for? We look forward to reading your thoughts.

📌 This month, we want to know how your unique qualities & experiences have contributed to solving a problem in the workplace. Check your email to join Circle and connect with others!


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