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Active Leadership Engagement Produces Better Cybersecurity

Jun 08, 2021

The Cyber Strategy Retreat is a business strategy event that features executive panels, roundtable discussions, and keynote presentations from Eric McNulty, Cathryn Marshall, Lee Haney, and Keyaan Williams. This 6th conference will continue the mission of CLASS-LLC to promote cross-functional collaboration between executive peers – especially those who are responsible for cybersecurity risk. Participants will be encouraged to connect, collaborate, and discuss solutions to common cybersecurity challenges we all face. 

The monetary damage caused by cybercrime has been increasing exponentially since the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) started tracking statistics in 2000. IC3 reports that almost 800,000 Internet crime complaints in 2020 led to losses exceeding $4.2 billion in the United States alone. This does not include damages from unreported cases, and the numbers are even more staggering from a global perspective. 

 Important decisions about how an organization manages risk cannot be left to a small group of “cyber” specialists. More than half of jurisdictions surveyed in the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) Corporate Governance Factbook 2019 mandate an audit committee or a separate risk committee to address risk management. An organization-wide approach to cyber risk management is imperative. Management of cyber risk must start at the highest level and permeate the rest of the organization with good practices for governance and management. 

 The Cyber Strategy Retreat was designed to promote this approach by bringing business, technology, and security executives together rather than allowing them to continue working in silos like they do at other events. The keynote presentations at the 2021 conference are the only items on the agenda in which one person presents content to the audience. All other content, whether in person or virtual, is designed to foster collaborative connections and problem solving among attendees in executive panels or roundtable discussions. Participants will receive unique insights about the best solutions to implement because of the diversity of industries, organizations, and backgrounds represented by attendees. 

 The Cyber Strategy Retreat offers an appealing experience for participants no matter how they connect. The live event will be broadcast from the Buckhead Club in Atlanta, Georgia on 14 – 15 July. In addition to integrating questions from virtual attendees into the panel discussions, dedicated roundtable sessions have been scheduled to ensure the virtual audience has the same premium experience as live attendees. Plus, all sessions are recorded to ensure participants do not miss the valuable insights and ideas shared throughout the conference. 

It takes just a leader in the organization to join us, to learn something new, and to bring that back to the organization to benefit the organization, employees, and customers. Come, connect, develop lasting relationships, transform your approach, and benefit your organization and its stakeholders. 

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