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Exciting updates coming to the Cyber Career Lab

ccl classllc collaboration cyber career lab new update Aug 05, 2021
Banner for the Cyber Career Lab. The banner features a cartoon atom to the left of the Cyber Career Lab title and slogan. The background is a blue hue with molecules faded throughout. .

We have some exciting updates coming to the Cyber Career Lab this month. The Cyber Career Lab was created for people who cannot afford thousands of dollars for degree programs or certification training. After running 9 episodes of our first season we have learned a lot and have decided to make some big changes for our community.

We are providing an intentionally different approach to CCL moving forward. We want to continue to engage our with our audience and make your time feel more valuable.  As such, we will be switching from weekly to monthly sessions and YouTube will no longer be the permanent host of CCL videos.

We have opted to host the Cyber Career Lab on our own site as a complementary course.

What does this mean for you?

Permanent access to all CCL videos and referenced documents in a simple and easy to use platform. Additionally, the comment section on each video will serve as a way for interaction between CCL members. Past attendees will receive an email in the next week with access information.

We are additionally shifting some of the sessions from lessons to more roundtable Q&A based content. Our latest episode was shifted to a conversational Q&A session and we had great engagement and back and forth between speakers and attendees; we want to continue to cultivate those conversations. If you have topic ideas for future sessions we have set up a poll at the following link to collect ideas, tell us what you want to see from CCL! <>

The next session will be on Securing Emerging Technology and will be on the 18th of August at 4PM EST. Register now <>

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