What is this?

The Cyber Career Lab was created for EVERYONE.  Our Q&A program and guided lessons expose beginning and intermediate professionals to relevant content that equips them to enter the workforce and grow in their careers. Join us with whatever participation option works best for you!


2 Ways to Participate & Learn...

  1. Ask Me Anything - each week we answer questions submitted by ANYONE on ANY cybersecurity related topic - email anytime to [email protected] and see your questions answered on our social media each week! 
  2. Cyber Career Lab Workshops - CCL workshop sessions are closed until further notice. We remain excited to bring them back in the near future. 

Ask Us Anything!


Question submissions are ALWAYS open. Get ANY question answered at ANY time! Just email [email protected]!

We are excited to open workshop sessions again in the future. 

Why does it exist?

Education and experience are the greatest barriers to entry for people who want to join the cybersecurity workforce.

Not knowing where to start and not being able to apply the knowledge are the primary reasons that there is a shortage of three million qualified security professionals. 

How does it work?

We pair engaging lessons with breakout work and expert instruction to ensure our sessions are valuable.

Our workshop sessions and the support from our online community are designed to equip participants to keep growing in critical cybersecurity knowledge and to keep pace with an ever-changing profession.