What is the Worldwide Discipleship Association (WDA)?

WDA began as a college ministry in 1974, with an emphasis on replicable discipleship (spiritual mentorship) and Christian maturity.

Now, WDA operates in more than 30 countries to equip disciple-building leaders who think, feel, and act like Jesus and who are developing life-long followers of Jesus Christ.

Based on Jesus’ ministry to His own disciples, WDA has developed an intentional and progressive growth curriculum, training pathways for disciple-making leaders, and virtual tools and platforms for discipling & training in a digital age.

Since 2015, WDA has trained 37,008 leaders who have collectively discipled 492,212 people!

Why does WDA exist?

Most Christians have gaps in their spiritual understanding because few, if any, have been discipled in a systematic way.

Christians at every stage of spiritual maturity need a discipleship pathway that intentionally and progressively teaches them how to be more like Jesus, and how to help others grow in faith and maturity too. WDA partners with Christians to build transformational discipleship infrastructure in their churches, communities, and campuses.

How can WDA help you?

If you desire to grow in spiritual and emotional maturity and become more like Christ, if you desire to help others grow, or if you are looking for ways to support discipleship around the world, we would love to partner with you to help you fulfill the Great Commission in your life and community.

Join the movement to make 1 million disciples who disciple by 2024.


Grow spiritually by using our discipleship curriculum.

‘By studying the ministry and methods of Jesus, the master disciple builder, WDA discovered five phases of growth—a biblical process that produces maturity. WDA has written, published, and translated this progressive discipleship content to support Christian growth around the world. We develop easy-to-use curriculum so you don’t have to. Take a look at our available publications and resources here. All titles are also available at Amazon.com. Translated materials are available upon request.’

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Grow emotionally through Restoring Your Heart groups.

‘Restoring Your Heart (RYH) helps people heal emotionally and relationally through a series of  confidential, gender-specific small groups. It enables people to explore their past pain, identify unhealthy emotional and relational patterns, grieve their losses, and forgive those who have hurt them. Groups are available for both men and women. Learn more or sign up for a group today at restoringyourheart.com.’                                                                                         

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Become a certified disciple-building leader through our hands-on Leadership Institute.

‘The WDA Leadership Institute is a virtual school of disciple-building patterned after Christ's ministry and implemented in small cohorts. The Leadership Institute focuses on a transformational discipleship process supported by strong relationships with mentors and other students, and hands-on application of concepts. Students commit to a one-year journey of growth and begin discipling others using the method of Jesus. The WDA Leadership Institute combines modern technology and decades of discipleship and ministry training experience to produce healthy, motivated disciple-builders who will serve their communities.’

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Support WDA’s ministries, staff, and discipleship projects around the globe.

‘There are numerous ways to support WDA’s mission and ministry. If you would like to fund WDA ministries and projects that provide discipleship training and materials development all over the world, you can make a donation online here. If you would like to volunteer at the WDA headquarters in Atlanta, GA, please fill out the ‘connect with us’ form here. If you would like to spread the word about our ministry, please click here for templates and outreach materials.’


Connect with WDA by contacting us at [email protected]