Advance your career without putting your life on hold.

The Cyber Career Accelerator (CCA) program is a flexible path of study that enable students to cover more work in significantly less time than traditional programs. Like other accelerated programs, the CCA condenses the work normally taught in the Foundations program and also allows for introductory Masterlass work as well.

Accelerated, yet


CLASS-LLC builds upon the successful program map for the foundations program with this accelerated course. Experienced instructors combine relevant leadership experience and insight with the collaborative problem solving found in a business mastermind to provide business, technology, and security leaders the skills and knowledge needed for the next level of leadership in their organizations. 

Timing is everything

Public cohorts of the Cyber Career Accelerator are currently being developed. Workshops are also available to support special events and conferences. Private training is available upon requests for groups of at least six participants. Whatever the situation, there is always a good option available to take advantage of the program.